Established in 2004 Truck Scrubbers are the Pioneers in the Automotive Industrial Cleaning Industry.

With over 20 years experience in the transport industry & now over 10 years cleaning trucks, heavy machinery & earthmoving equipment we are the experts to call for all types of private and company vehicle cleaning, whether it be onsite in transport yards or heavy plant equipment out in the field.  Truck Scrubbers offers the best hand HOT WASH in the industry.


Why we are the best in the industry.

  • Truck Scrubbers pioneered the mobile truck wash industry in Melbourne
  • Truck Scrubbers, introduced Vacu-Boom systems to the Truck Wash industry and revolutionised waste water collection in Australia.
  • Truck Scrubbers are the first truck wash in Australia to earn a 5 STAR Truck Wash Water Saver Rating this is why Truck Scrubbers are the industry leaders in water use and waste water collection.
  • We are the first Mobile Truck Wash in Australia to be totally self sufficient.
  • We introduced hot water to the mobile industry in 2010 as standard for a better clean.
  • We believe that our best management practices are better than industry standards.
  • We proudly volunteered for an independent audit of our customized waste water recovery system to City West Water inspectors and trade waste enforcement personnel who authorized it's continued use within the Automotive Industrial Cleaning Industry.(This system is now used throughout Australia thanks to Truck Scrubbers innovation)

How we offer you piece of mind?

Truck Scrubbers is fully insured & OHE&S compliant (we can supply insurance certificates, MSDS's and JSA's)

We have washed well over 100,000 vehicles.

You wouldn't risk scratching your car in an automatic car wash (Extreme high pressure or fast spinning brushes)
We don't risk damaging your equipment & signage with washing machinery (we only hand wash).

Truck Scrubbers complies with EPA & City West Waters guidelines (No more environmental or water concerns).

No concerns about increased water bills (we bring our own water with us).
No concerns about increased electricity bills (we have generators on our trucks).

Truck Scrubbers utilizes the best available, environmentally friendly washing techniques and only the highest quality cleaning products and washing equipment.

While others claim to lead the way, we have a proven track record.


How can we save you money?

  • No need to waste fuel and running costs to and from a truck wash.
  • No longer pay drivers to wait in line at a truck wash.
  • Have your vehicles washed in your downtime (we schedule to suit your operations).
  • Cut back on overtime costs (and help your drivers with better fatigue management).
  • No need to hire extra employees to wash your assets.
  • Eliminate over use of cleaning products, damage to cleaning equipment and costly breakdowns.
  • No more worrying about damage occuring to your equipment by inexperienced operators.






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Half way through an acid wash.


  IMG_1549.JPG   IMG_1671.JPG   2a.jpg   IMG_1736.JPG  

190 T excavator weed & seed clean bound for WA


After full detail for an open day.


This is nothing for Truck Scrubbers we are the "Rejuvenating Specialist"


De-waxing a new tanker.